Optical Coating Technology

Optical Coating Technology

Ching Mei Optics collaborate with universities to research and develop various optical coatings for sapphire watch lenses, including:

Anti Reflective Coating

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Anti-reflective coating applied to watch glass enhances the clarity of the watch face by allowing more lights to pass through the glass, reducing unnecessary reflections. Its benefits include improved visual clarity of the watch face, reduced glare, increased visibility of the watch face and hands, making the watch more functional and visually appealing.

Hard Anti-reflective Coating

Hard Anti-reflective coating, when applied to the surface of sapphire, improves the transparency of sapphire crystal, emphasizing its special durability and hardness. We conduct multiple reliability tests in-house, including steel wool durability tests, salt spray tests, artificial sweat tests, etc., to ensure the quality and durability of the coating.

Anti-UV Coating






The anti-UV coating is a special coating technology applied to watches. This coating has the ability to resist ultraviolet (UV) rays and effectively protect the watch face from the harmful effects of sunlight and other UV rays. It not only helps maintain the quality of the watch’s appearance but also extends the lifespan of the watch. Anti-UV coating makes the watch more durable while ensuring that its surface is less prone to damage or discoloration. This coating is typically applied to the crystal glass of the watch to ensure that the watch’s display remains clear and attractive even when exposed to sunlight for extended periods.

Anti-Fingerprint Coating

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When applied to the watch glass, the anti-fingerprint film prevents fingerprints and stains from marking the surface, keeping it clean. This coating reduces the frequency of cleaning required to maintain the appearance of the watch glass. The anti-fingerprint film ensures that the watch’s appearance always remains in optimal condition, making the surface more attractive.

Various Colors Decorative Coating

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When various colors coatings are applied to watch glass, they add color and aesthetics to the watch’s glass surface. These coatings are applied in different shades and colors, allowing customization to match the watch’s design and style preferences. Using coatings of various colors can enhance the visual appeal of the watch, making it a fashionable and personalized accessory.