Sapphire Growth

Sapphire Growth

Ching Mei Optics has strict quality inspection procedures for raw materials,

including Vickers hardness testing and GDMS purity testing, to ensure that

sapphire materials meet purity and hardness requirements.


Unique Features of Sapphire Crystals – why we recommend sapphire crystals in various fields

  • High Hardness and Wear Resistance: Sapphire crystal boasts remarkable hardness, even tougher than most materials. According to the Mohs scale, sapphire has a hardness of 9 out of 10, which places it just after diamond. This enables it to withstand scratches and abrasions in daily use, maintaining its elegant appearance.
  • Superior Transparency: Sapphire crystal exhibits excellent light transmittance, allowing light to pass through and presenting a clear transparent effect. This makes it widely used in optical and scientific fields, such as crafting high-quality lenses and optics.
  • Excellent High-Temperature Resistance: Sapphire crystal can endure high-temperature environments while retaining its stable physical and chemical properties. This renders it vital in high-temperature industries and scientific experiments.
  • Outstanding Chemical Stability: Sapphire crystal demonstrates high resistance to various chemicals and corrosive media. This stability makes it an ideal choice in many environmental and application contexts.
  • Quality Optical Performance: Sapphire crystal not only possesses high light transmission but also effectively controls light refraction and reflection. This renders it highly valuable in manufacturing optical components and coatings.
  • Superb Electrical Insulation: Sapphire crystal excels in electrical insulation, effectively preventing current conduction. It finds application in electronic components and electrical equipment.
  • Diverse Application Fields: Sapphire crystal finds extensive applications in jewelry, optics, scientific research, high-tech equipment, and more. It fully showcases its versatility and value.

We also provide other materials for customers to choose from, including Mineral Glass and K1 Glass. Please inquire with us.