Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen Printing

Silk screen printing technology applied to watch glass allows for the printing of intricate patterns or text on the glass surface. This process typically employs special inks and transfers the patterns or text onto the glass through a silk screen. Subsequently, the glass is baked at high temperatures to ensure that the patterns adhere firmly to the glass surface.

Silk screen printing technology can achieve a variety of visual effects and designs, ranging from simple logos and numbers to complex patterns and textures, adding a unique style and value to watches. Furthermore, this technology can also apply functional coatings such as anti-fingerprint, scratch resistance, or others to enhance the performance of watch glass.


The PANTONE color system has standardized color codes to ensure consistency in printing. This helps ensure that your LOGO looks the same across different media, enhancing brand consistency. PANTONE also offers a wide range of color choices, allowing you to precisely select the colors you need based on your brand style and requirements.

Super Lumi-Nova®

Swiss Super-LumiNova, known for its exceptional brightness and long-lasting luminescence, ensures that the bezel markers and indices remain easily readable in the dark when applied to a sapphire watch bezel. It not only adds functionality to the watch but also enhances its overall aesthetics, giving it a unique and charming appearance.